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Getting There

Follow the adventures of Marjorie Henise, Destination Main Street Founder, as she travels the small towns and “main streets” of America. Marjie’s Main Street Musings is no ordinary travel blog! Marjie’s heart is rooted in entrepreneurship, and her passion is for sharing small business success stories – so much so that she spends virtually all of her free time exploring the back roads of America, always searching for new experiences to share!

Sure, there will be plenty of pictures of storefronts, streetscapes, interesting signs and architecture, even the odd holiday parade. (C’mon, who doesn’t love a parade? And small towns throw the best ones!) But along the way, you’ll also learn the otherwise untold histories of these businesses. You’ll share in those Main Street owners’ trials and tribulations, and you might just pick up an idea or two that turns out to be exactly what YOUR business needs!

And that, after all, is the whole reason for the Destination Main Street.

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