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How we help share your story

Welcome to Destination Main Street, where we combine our love of photography, story telling and small business to help share your company’s unique story. We love to tell the story behind small businesses; and we love to make sure your story is shared where it matters most… on social media. We believe that the best way to tell your business story is to build relationships with your community and customers… from it’s very beginnings… to what’s happening right now… to planning for the future. Destination Main Street can help you do just that!
Do you need someone to come take pictures of a corporate or business event? Perhaps you’d like us to live blog the event, or write up a more tailored story for your social media channels the next day. We can do that! Our goal is to help you keep up in this social media world, and what better way than by using our marketing expertise to help you coordinate and brand your product or service across all channels. Here are some of the things that we can do for your business:
  • Photograph/video events and write stories to keep your business front and center in your customer’s lives.
  • Create content for and manage your social media pages, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  • Write regular blogs and update your website
  • Provide overall marketing strategy to seamlessly integrate your social media with your website, direct email campaigns, and traditional marketing media.
Here at Destination Main Street, you will also follow the adventures of Marjorie Henise, owner of our company, as she travels the small towns and “main streets” of America. Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Marjie has always had a place in her heart for understanding and sharing the essence of small business and entrepreneurship in this country. You will find pictures of storefronts, streetscapes, interesting signs and architecture, and entrepreneurs. Learning the history of these businesses and sharing the importance of small business in our economy is what drives Marjie to keep exploring. Come along for the ride!
How do you implement social media into your marketing strategy? Maybe we can help you take a fresh look at your company and design a content strategy that makes your customers smile. Call us today!  717-269-5448


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