How We Help – Destination Main Street

How We Help

Destination Main Street offers marketing solutions custom tailored to meet the unique needs of small business. At Destination Main Street, we understand that the best way to grow your business is by building long-lasting relationships…

with your customers – your neighbors. And we do that by telling your story.

You have a voice in your community. You have a unique story to tell. And Destination Main Street is uniquely able to help you tell it.

We love small town America. We love Main Street. We love the storefronts that make up the character and backbone of America’s best communities. It’s our passion. It’s why we’re here.

So, how do we share your story?

  • Photography and/or video of your business’s big events (and your community’s important celebrations!)
  • Well-maintained website and an active presence on social media
  • Individualized content all about you for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Fully integrated marketing message across all advertising channels in print and online
  • Targeting email, and social media campaigns
  • Personal advice and assistance from a talented team dedicated to small business and a thriving Main Street

One Main Street retailer needed our help getting her business off the ground – and with our assistance she was able to catapult her products from the local farmer’s market to a national audience. Another client, meanwhile, had a pretty solid handle on his marketing and advertising, but needed expert assurance and support when it came to the daunting task of figuring out social marketing and social media advertising. We have helped small auction houses win national industry awards for their social media campaigns, and we’ve helped entire communities come together under a single shared brand.


So how can we help you?

For a completely free, absolutely no obligation marketing assessment, feel free to give us a call at (717) 269-5448, or just fill out the form below.