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Magnolia Pearl… what are you?

On my recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX, I passed by this unique structure at least six times on my way into town, and each time I became intrigued even more. Nestled among the peach orchards and wine country was this fascinating and beautiful structure, and when I drove by it at night one time, I was mesmerized. While I never got my nighttime shot, I did explore this place one morning and took some amazing photos.

It seems that many of my other RV conference friends were just as intrigued. Our group Facebook page was dotted with conversations about “that place down the road.”

Magnolia Pearl, the flagship store for the clothing line of Robin Brown, is an architectural piece of art. Like I did, you’re probably wondering how long it took to renovate this place. Or maybe you look at it and wonder about all the history that lives inside. Well, believe it or not, there was no building there before… ever.

The string lights interspersed among the property made the nighttime scene magical.
In fact, that structure is less than two years old, built intentionally to look worn and create an old-world feel. They created a building in the style of old German grain barns, by using reclaimed wood sourced from all over the country. They explain more on their website:

“Among our store’s grand architecture is a hand-crank platform elevator that was used in the late 1800’s in an old cotton mill. The columns and beams that support this structure were hand-hewn by farmers and Amish craftsman over a hundred years ago and hold sturdier than most materials sold today.”

After taking pictures all over the grounds, I slowly made my way in the door of this place, not knowing what was inside. I was greeted right away by Valorie, who told me the story of Magnolia Pearl. The first floor was decorated with vignettes of art, shabby chic decor, and a few items from their clothing line, and a large open-air kitchen. It truly was magical.

I have a soft spot for “painted-on” branding!
As I passed by that old platform elevator and headed upstairs, I was greeted by the most amazing graphic of Magnolia Pearl painted on the wall. The entire second floor was an open space where the clothing line hung in racks and on displays. And in the corner, was another full-size kitchen. It was a place where you could take your time with a consultant and find your style. Magnolia Pearl’s line of clothing is all one size, made to fit every woman of every shape and size… a very bohemian, natural, and free flowing-style of clothing, that when accessorized the right way, could look nice on anyone.

While the clothing line wasn’t something I’d wear, the decor was fabulous and welcoming, making it hard to leave. So, if you’re ever visiting Fredericksburg, TX, I recommend taking a few extra minutes to stop by and just take it all in. In the meantime, visit their Facebook page to learn more!

You can view more pictures on our Facebook page!

One of the relic vehicles sitting on the property of Magnolia Pearl.

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  1. I love their clothes, the building and the people… but not the prices! 🙂 It’s a lovely stop whether you like the clothes or not.

    • The clothes were just not my style. But that building and grounds were a photographers candy store! I agree… a lovely stop whether you like their clothes or not. Just a neat story.

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