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Main Street Musings

Destination Main Street combines a genuine love of Small Business America with a talent for storytelling to help America’s Main Street shopkeepers successfully grow their business. Our company was founded by Marjie Henise. Raised in an entrepreneurial family with a love of travel, Marjie seeks out Small Town America with every free moment, taking the time to learn what makes great Main Streets click so she can share that knowledge and insight with our clients. Marjie’s blog, Main Street Musings, includes tales of her cross-country backroads adventures – and you’re invited along for the ride!

Magnolia Pearl… what are you?

On my recent trip to Fredericksburg, TX, I passed by this unique structure at least six times on my way into town, and each time I became intrigued even more. Nestled among the peach orchards and wine country was this fascinating and beautiful structure,…

How we help share your story

Welcome to Destination Main Street, where we combine our love of photography, story telling and small business to help share your company’s unique story. We love to tell the story behind small businesses; and we love to make sure your story is shared where…