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Social Media

We can’t promise that industry buzzwords like “integration” will matter all that much when you hear them. But if you spend any time at all with the folks at Destination Main Street, you’re gonna hear them – especially integration.  A lot.

Our mission is to ensure that YOUR business succeeds, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you make that happen. Of course, we understand that “whatever it takes” has a realistic budgetary limitation – we’re idealists but we’re not firmly rooted in the economic realities of Main Street business. That is precisely why we rely on integrated marketing – ensuring that your story reaches the folks who need to hear it, regardless of whether they’re reading the neighborhood newspaper, updating Facebook, or looking for holiday ideas on Pinterest.

Integrating your message across all channels is the Great Equalizier, providing your business the marketing reach it needs on a budget even the smallest Main Street business can afford.

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